Sunday, April 12, 2009

Toddler Bed Tales

After a fabulous Easter dinner of pizza and shrimp salad at my parents' house (we were all away this week and decided to go simple...and I don't think anyone missed the big hoopla at all!), the Leach clan headed home and got right to work putting the toddler bed together. It really wasn't as hard as I'd thought, and Caleb loved "helping." We got the bed upstairs and switched over the mattress. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the crib through the door without taking it apart and it was too close to Caleb's bedtime to do we shoved it to the side and put the bed where we thought it would be. Turns out his head would have been right next to an outlet, so we moved a few pieces of furniture around before we got the crib where we wanted it.

How did Caleb react? He was THRILLED!!!!! We were a little concerned that his enthusiasm would keep him from falling asleep, but it really wasn't too bad. We talked to him and laid out the ground rules (basically, stay in your bed or you will get a spanking!) We had to put him back in his bed three times before he fell asleep, but I don't think that is too awful.

My funny story of the night: the third time I went in to get Caleb, he heard the door open, took off running, dove into the bed, and rolled completely up into the blanket....laying completely still as if to say, "What? I've been here the whole time!" When I said his name he peeked out from the blanket. I asked him if he was supposed to get out of the bed and he said no. I asked him what would happen if he got out of bed and he said that he would get a spanking. With that, he put his head down on the bed and stuck his butt up in the air. LOL!!! I had to turn around and compose myself so that I could spank him with a straight face. Does anyone else have trouble spanking your kid when he/she is just so darn cute??? :)


-Adam, Susanne, Isaac, Ezra and Cat Stephens said...

yes. all the time. that's adorable!

Anonymous said...

This story was so cute! It made me laugh and miss your family! ~Erin