Sunday, April 12, 2009

Never a Dull Moment...

I haven't blogged in over a week and am going through withdrawl. I keep meaning to; life has just been rather chaotic. Here is a rundown of the more entertaining events of the last week.

* Amy and I had a moment of bravery and decided to take the three kids SANS HUSBANDS to Massanutten. Matt did come Sunday evening, but Amy was on her own the entire time because Bruce stayed home to study for his sargent's exam. Mass chaos insued...I felt like I was living in the twilight zone!! It was fun, in that crazy what-have-I-done kind of a way.

* Sunday night, we had a moment of insanity and thought it might be a good idea to throw all of the kids in the whirlpool together, put bubbles in, and turn on the jets. Sara hated it and got out almost immediately. Caleb and Owen had a great time and played for quite a while, until Caleb went under and swallowed a lot of water. Matt pulled him out and turned him upside down to get him coughing. That was the end of bath time for him! The next day, he threw up 3 or 4 times...we are pretty sure it was related to all of the water he swallowed. He didn't eat much of anything but didn't have a fever or any other symptoms. Still, it's never fun to be sick on vacation. He was much better by the evening.

* Isaac, Caleb's cousin, went poop on the potty for the very first time last week. When Caleb saw the pictures, he began to run around yelling, "Isaac went poop!" for the whole world to hear. He was extremely excited for him. It even inspired him to have a little potty time of his own (totally his idea--I'm not officially potty training until this summer) yesterday. I think the extended nakedness was more appealing than the actual act of pottying, but he "tried" for a while none-the-less.

* In the car on Thursday, I had the music on. It was apparently a little loud for Caleb's taste. He began to call, "Turn the ISAAC down!" again and again. Perhaps he had Isaac on the brain because of the potty events, but it took me quite a while to figure out that he actually meant for me to turn the music down.

* After the Good Friday service, Rich Pearson (our friend Steven's dad--that would be Caleb's "Uncle" Steven whom he adores) was playing with his granddaughter Emma and Caleb. He was being pretty silly and making funny faces. Caleb didn't quite know what to think of him, but he found the whole thing pretty entertaining. When Rich left, Caleb asked (totally unprompted), "Where's that old man going?"

* Last night, Caleb decided that it would be a good time to begin climbing out of his crib. After three trips back to his bed, he finally fell asleep. At 4 a.m. this morning, I hear him screaming something repeatedly. I get out of bed and go into his room to find him dangling from the crib by his shirt. What was he screaming? "Take it off!!!!!!" Apparently, his shirt had gotten caught when he tried to climb out of bed. This scared me to death (strangulation hazard) and I thought he was scared enough never to do it again...but I was wrong. Not 5 minutes went by before he was in our bed. *sigh* We're putting up the toddler bed tonight. He can still get out (obviously) but at least he will be safe.

Today is Easter, and Caleb seemed to enjoy his gifts. We got him a few little things, a cheap plastic golf set, and a Plasma car. He was very excited about the car! We have decided not to do the Easter bunny, since that has absolutely nothing to do with Easter. We're just going to give him some gifts each year and talk about the REAL meaning. Happy Easter, everybody!

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