Friday, April 17, 2009

He's so thankful...

So, Caleb is really getting into this praying thing. A few days ago he thanked God TWICE for his basketball hoop (I'm still not sure what that is...we don't have a basketball hoop except for in the bath tub and he didn't take a bath that night...). Last night, he thanked God for the library, Jump Bunch, and his wipes container with the Lightning McQueen sticker on it. The library and Jump Bunch I can understand; afterall, he does do both of those things every week! But the wipes container??? I guess we're all thankful for different things... :)

I remember two Thanksgivings ago when Owen was talking about what he was thankful for. I distinctly recall his gratitude over his kitchen cabinets and Parker's two beds. KIDS! :)

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