Friday, April 24, 2009

potty training

I follow a blog pretty regularly...while the bulk of the blog is devoted to the medical treatment of her son Stellan, she did take the time to post a great blog about her experience with potty training. She has 4 children, 2 were potty trained before age two, one is currently training, and one is still in diapers (that's Stellan, and with all of his issues, I doubt if she'll be pushing for early potty training!)

While nothing that she wrote was especially earth shattering, she did give me some good reminders about the whole process. I'll be starting soon with 33 school days in fact! :) I haven't actually bought any "big boy underwear" yet, but I have started to stock up on Poop Prizes! Caleb is so good at going pee on the potty now that I don't think he needs any extrinsic rewards for that. I have a feeling that pooping might be a little more difficult, so I have gotten some small prizes to keep on hand for those times! I think the first "Poop Experience" will warrant a MAJOR CELEBRATION and the gift of a set of balloon rockets. I have also bought a set of cars that he REALLY wanted and thought he wasn't getting (one of the cars looks exactly like Wally's red and white VW van), a few pairs of Cars socks, and some other things.

Here's hoping that things go well with potty training. I would welcome any insights or advice!

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Katie said...

good luck! The only advice I have is to be consistent. Mara is trained now, but I started a year ago and then got pregnant and it fell by the wayside. I think that confused her, but it didn't take long at all once I was consistent about it.

Also, I was concerned about how to deal with it outside of the if she had to go in the car. I will freely admit that she sat on a puppy pad in her carseat for a few weeks just in case. :-)