Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sickness has taken over...

I got an email from my sister today to call my grandmother (who was watching Caleb today) because Caleb was sick. My grandmother had already called Matt, but wanted me to know as well. She thought he had a fever and was rather lethargic. She said she would keep him and I told her to call Matt to pick him up if he got worse.

I stay late Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I got home around 6 to find all of the lights out and Matt holding a very pitiful Caleb. It turns out that he threw up twice at Mommom's house...all over himself and her! Matt, of course, didn't call or email me to tell me all of this (I would never have stayed after school if I'd known!) We got him to eat just 1/2 a piece of toast before he threw that up. Thank goodness he had a bib on and was sitting at the table. We thought giving him a little carbonation might help, so Caleb had his first (tiny) taste of Sierra Mist. Shortly after, he barfed that up as well...right on the couch! Lovely...poor guy!

We put him to bed early and he NEVER moved from where we laid him down! That's extremely unusual because he's a mover when he sleeps. He hasn't gotten sick in his sleep (yet...) but we are figuring on him being home tomorrow. Matt is going to keep him in the a.m. and then I'm planning on coming home in the afternoon---unless he has a miraculous recovery!

I feel bad for the little man...and my couch...and the three outfits he went through today...and the two outfits my grandmother went through...oy! :(

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