Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's Fluent in Chinese

I have been dying for some Chinese food, so we hit up the local Hong Kong V today. (Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong thing and was rather disappointed!) Anyway, we were eating and the woman working at the front counter was talking to the other workers in Chinese (I'm not a speaker, so it could be Mandarin...I don't know!) Caleb watched her very intently, even tilting his head at one point in curiousity. Then, he suddenly broke out in a bit of, "Eeeeee---chaw, haw, naw, waw!" quite loudly! We quickly shushed him but not before he asked what she was doing. Thankfully, either the woman didn't hear him or chose to cast him off as a curious little boy. I quietly explained that she was speaking a different language. Caleb, satisfied with this answer, then decided that it would be important to announce to the crowd that he had pooped! Ahhhh, two year olds!!!

PS: Caleb and I have both been sick--Caleb with a virus and me with bronchitis. He seems to be fine now and I'm on antibiotics, so we're both on the mend. It was pretty nasty for a while there! I had six kids out sick today...awesome. I can hardly wait to catch the next bug!

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