Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preschool Learning Sites

There are two learning sites that Caleb absolutely loves. He actually begs to go on the computer and play some of the games. They are both completely free and you don't have to register or anything.

This program has activities for each letter. Your child can do all of the letters, play matching games, read stories online (they can listen to them too), build their own snowman, turkey, pumpkin, and gingerbread man....there's so much to do and I love how much language Caleb is exposed to! He is getting really good at his letters now, thanks to Starfall! I'm a big fan of it!

If your child loves learning songs, he or she will love this site! There are tons of great songs on here. The writers/singers are British, so some of them are a little different than the songs you are used to! (The ABC Song is totally different!) There are also a bunch of great stories that are read to the children as well.

I am well aware that kids can learn in other ways, but I am all about using technology to my advantage! Caleb is completely enthralled with the computer, so I figure that I might as well try to get him to learn something while he's playing! Plus, it's good Momma-Caleb bonding time! ;)

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