Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Wonder Ship

Our ship, The Wonder, truly was a wonder!  It was so beautiful...and HUGE!!!!  Given my lack of a sense of direction, I thought I would be lost constantly.  Honestly, it was really pretty easy to navigate!  Disney has signs everywhere and there are even symbols in the carpet pointing to the bow of the boat and telling you what part of the boat you are on.  I never got lost and rarely even took a wrong turn!

There are activities for EVERYONE all over the ship until the wee hours of the morning!  You can do everything from towel folding, to musicals, to game shows, to crafts, to trivia, to theater talks, to singalongs, to magicians, to origami, to drawing Disney characters, to movies, to board games!  If you can't find something to do on the ship, then you just want to be bored!  There's constant entertainment!  It was great for all of us to try a few things we hadn't done before and branch out a bit. 

Matt, Caleb, Sara, and I went to a presentation from the Broadway performer in residence.  He played Olaf in Frozen on the ship and has been in several Broadway shows.  He gave a very realistic view of what it is like being an actor.  It was pretty entertaining!

Mom, Sara, Anna, Lucy, and I went to towel folding.  The woman who was teaching it was horrible!  We couldn't understand her, she went super fast, and she never repeated what she did.  Thankfully, they had housekeeping staff around to help and the guy who worked with us was wonderful!  Anna did the best of all of  us!

Matt, Sara, Caleb, Bruce, and Owen thoroughly enjoyed the various movies being shown and even went to a few late night showings.  Abby LOVED The Incredibles II and actually watched it twice!  

The shows that they have on the ship are amazing.  They really are pretty much Broadway quality and include some really cool special effects.  The ones shown on The Wonder were The Golden Mickeys, Frozen, and Disney Dreams.  They were all really fantastic!

There's so much to learn about the ship that they actually hold a tour!  I didn't get to go, but Matt and my parents did and they said it was so interesting!

This beautiful chandelier is hanging in the atrium.  It used to be glass, but it started cracking a few years ago and they had to recreate it in fiberglass.

They decorated the atrium for Frozen night!

A Maypole was set  up in the atrium one day and the kids learned all about the history of the Maypole and some traditional dances.  It was really cool!

This group played before dinner most every night.  They were really good and played a lot of popular music.

Portholes are all over the ship!  With the beautiful scenery in the background, I took advantage of them!

Each night, our room steward Winston made some sort of towel animal and displayed it on the bed!  The kids loved it!


The kids did a scavenger hunt all over the ship.  Anyone who finished received special chocolates, compliments of Anna!

The ship is truly spectacular and you really do ALWAYS  have something to do!!

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