Monday, July 2, 2018

First Impressions

When we got on the ship, we couldn't get to our rooms for a few hours.  Thankfully, a kind Guest Services manager named Sonny offered to take the medical baggage for us and stow it in a locked closet.  Bless you, Sonny!!

We ate lunch at Triton's while we waited for our rooms.  It was just the start of a week of amazing food and service!  Even with all of the yummy food choices, my mom decided she wanted a hot dog, which had to be delivered from the 9th deck.  That gave us all a good laugh for the remainder of the trip!  :)

Dad, Abby, and Lucy in Triton's

This was the first of many delicious desserts I had on the cruise!  (And now I'm on a diet!)

Lucy fell asleep at Triton's after such a busy 24 hours...and then she pretty much fell asleep at dinner every time after that!

We got into our rooms after lunch and met our wonderful room steward, Winston.  Because of all of our "stuff," I couldn't get a picture before we put everything down, but at least this is before we made a big mess!  

The room is kind of divided into 2 with curtains in between.  Our bed was a queen and was very comfortable.  The couch turned into a twin bed and a murphy bed folded down out of the ceiling to make a top bunk.  Winston came in each night while we were at dinner to set up the beds and came each morning to put everything away.  He also took the trash and recyclables out twice a day, which was very necessary for us because we accumulate a lot of medical trash.  He brought me Disney toiletries each day too, much to my delight!  I thanked him for those in my thank you note at the end of the cruise and he brought me more before we left!  :)

One thing to know about a Disney cruise: Mickey is EVERYWHERE!!  Check out the lamp!

Our bathroom was actually 2 separate little rooms, with one being the bath tub and one being the toilet.  Both had a sink, so this made getting ready in the morning much easier.  I was also impressed with how much storage there was.  For a small stateroom, it really had fantastic storage!

After settling in a bit, we went up to Deck 9 for the Castaway party.  This was a high-energy party to celebrate the official start of the cruise, but most of our crew was too tired to enjoy it too much!

One thing that struck me as absolutely awesome was how CLEAN the ship was!!  The second we got into our room, I cleaned every inch with Lysol wipes.  It honestly was so clean that it probably wasn't necessary.  Winston continued to clean it every day, so it was spotless!  I can't even tell you how many times I saw people washing the walls, cleaning the windows, disinfecting made this germaphobic's heart go pitter-patter!  I thanked every single person I saw cleaning!  Before you entered any food areas, you were given a hand wipe or directed to a hand washing station.  They watched you too--I saw several people try to avoid washing hands and crew members stopped them!  Before entering and exiting kids' clubs all kids had to wash their hands.  They really did go to great lengths to make sure everyone stayed healthy!

Next up:  Activities on the Ship and Kids' Club

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