Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Post-op day 4

I'm a little late in posting because we saw lots of doctors today!  She is quite popular!  (Not to mention that she's the star of the 4th floor with all of the nurse's doting on her!) 

Abby was pretty lethargic and pale yesterday, with some continued respiratory issues.  I requested pulmonary come see her, and they got things rolling with neb treatments and steroids. 

Blood work was also drawn. Hemoglobin was 8.0--a little low, but they are just watching it.  
CRP (infection marker) was 3.2, up from 1.1. The infectious disease team doesn't like that the CRP is trending up instead of down.  They will draw more blood in around 48 hours to see if it is down. 

The halo has been professionally cleaned in the same manner as surgical equipment, so it's officially disinfected!  The brace company is now making some adaptations to it, but it may take a few fittings to make it work.  This has never been done before, so it's trial and error.

Her incision has changed since this morning and we are all kind of worrying about it.  It is now very red and angry looking.  Plastics saw it and thought it might be a reaction to a dressing, but nothing that is on her is new to her.  She has used it all before.  They are watching that closely and I'm not going anywhere as long as it looks like that.  I'm pretty done with infections!!

We had a visit from a fellow VEPTR family today, which was so sweet!  They brought Abby some fun bracelets and press-on nails, which Abby thoroughly enjoyed!  My awesome parents came up today to visit and stay in the area.  Abby enjoyed Nina's suitcase of fun and was generally much nicer with her around! 

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If you need anything when you are at CHOP, please let me know.