Monday, April 3, 2017

Post-op day 3

Abby had lots of desats last night, even with oxygen.  I'm going to get to the bottom of it and talk to the nurse practitioners today.  

Her bandage was changed this morning and her back is pretty bruised, but they said it's ok.  She has lots of stitches.  Apparently, the plastics team loves stitches!  (And yes, just about ALL of this was open!) 😳


Her pain has been under control with meds and she has been in a pretty good mood.  She worked really hard at PT this morning and did 4 stairs.  Her neck is very weak, so we are concentrating on keeping her head up.  Her PT is pretty creative and fun, which definitely helps!

 It sounds like she will go home with a picc and iv antibiotics, but I haven't heard that from the infectious disease team yet.  I'm waiting to see them.  If that's the case, the case manager will need to get rolling on nursing and equipment.

Her picc dressing was changed last night.  It's supposed to be changed 48 hours after placement, which the nurse didn't know.  She argued that it was a week until she finally called the IV team to ask.  Guess who was right?! (She also argued that it had only been 36 hours....uh, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon!). After messing up the dressing 2x, someone from the IV team came in and did it right at 10:30 pm.  🙄. Let's just say it's a good thing that I stay here and keep on top of things!

Matt and Caleb are at home so that Matt can go to work and Caleb can be in school and play rehearsals.  This is the week of his show!!  He is very excited, but hoping we will be home in time for all of us to go together.  Trust me, I am too!

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