Sunday, April 2, 2017

Post-op day 2

I went to the hotel with Caleb last night for some bonding time and a decent night's sleep. We enjoyed a movie and a game of Battleship.  

Daddy and Abby had a sleepover without a lot of sleep.  Abby got sick in the middle of the night and Matt did laundry until about 3.  Poor guy!  

When we came back this morning, Abby was all smiles!  She has been in a good mood this morning and worked hard with PT.  It definitely helped that our favorite CHOP PT Jo was here to play!!  She's the best!  Abby walked to the playroom and did some stepping up, sit-to-stands, and squats.  She is so tough! 

Matt and Caleb just left, and now we are waiting for lunch after getting a bath.  Her hair is looking cleaner with every wash!!  :)


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