Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Party Recap

Enjoy the recap of Abby's mermaid party!

We had it at our church at the last minute in order to keep our house germ-free for Abby.  It ended up working really well because we could spread out and use multiple rooms.

The food set-up

Sand and Sea cupcakes with sugar shells and candy pearls

Party favors:  sand buckets, glow stick tritons, goldfish, and sand castle suncatcher paint sets

We had a separate room set up with the crafts!  The kids made mermaid shell necklaces and sand art dolphins.

Matt decided to take on the sand art by himself!  Crazy man!  :)  I joined him when we finished the mermaid shell necklaces. 

After we ate some snacks, we went on a treasure hunt!  Caleb and Sara hid the clues ahead of time and the kids just loved going around the children's wing trying to find the next clue!

Abby found the treasure!

The treasure was a necklace, sea glass, shell, and chocolate coin for each kid!

Lighting the candles on her cupcake

"Happy birthday to you..." 

"Happy birthday to you..."

"Happy birthday, dear Abby..."

"Happy birthday to you!"

Oh Tori...you are an endless ball of laughs!

Time to open presents!

All of the girls liked Abby's Lularoe skirt she got from Aunt Amy and asked if they could share it!

Same thing with the Lularoe dress she got from Nina and Paw Paw! :)

At the end of the party, all of the kids went in to the skylight room to play with the toys int here.  It was so cute!  Even though they didn't all know each other, they played together so well like they had been friends forever! 

Friends and Family shots to come soon!  :)

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