Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Have Sweet Kids!

I really do!

Yesterday, after I finished making Abby's seashell cupcakes for her birthday party, Caleb said, "Mom, you do the best parties.  I love how hard you work to make them nice!"  I told him that meant a lot that he appreciated that!

Two days ago, Abby was taking a long time in the bathroom and Caleb went to check on her.  She was cleaning the bathroom with Lysol Wipes!  When Caleb asked her why she was doing that, she said, "To make my family happy!"

I'm so thankful that my kids are striving for Godly character.  They do very well in school, but that will only take you so far in life.  Being a person of integrity and someone people can trust is so important!  I pray that they continue to show Godly character as they grow up!

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