Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wheelin' Right Along

While it was never our intention to bring Abby's wheelchair to school (except for field trips that required quite a bit of walking because she does get tired and winded), circumstances have caused her to have to be in it a lot more.  At this point, the pain from the kyphosis in her back is keeping her from walking much further than from the parking lot to the front door of a building.  This means that she is riding a lot more than usual.

The wheelchair is at school, out of the way and available if she needs it.  The kindergarten classes are doing a lot of walking around the school this week learning their way around, so she will most likely be doing some riding.

Since we have no idea what she'll be like after surgery, we've already planned for her needing to take her wheelchair to school.  Her bus is prepared to transport her, and school knows it's a definite possibility.

For now, we are just thankful that she can walk when she needs to and that the wheelchair is there when she hurts.  :)

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