Monday, August 1, 2016

Gatlinburg: The Only Un-Fun Part

Go to the National Park, they said.  You can't miss that, they said.  It will be fun, they said.  

We really didn't plan on going to the National Park, mostly because we really can't do any hiking with Abby...but at the demanding urging of many people, we decided to go.  

Lesson learned.  Our kids don't like nature.  They complained the entire time and were so bored.  We drove an 8 mile loop going 10 miles an hour, thanks to the driver of a truck in front of us who really, really liked nature.  So yeah...not the highlight of the trip!

But I did get a few pictures that make it kind of look like it was fun.  :)  

This was pretty cool though--our friend's ancestors immigrated here and this was their cabin.  :)

20 hours later, we emerged from the National Park and redeemed the day with a yummy dinner.  :)

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