Friday, March 4, 2016

Visiting the Countries in Epcot

While a lot of people on the Disney Facebook groups I'm a part of suggested that Epcot might not be very interesting for kids our age, it was actually our favorite park overall!  Everyone really enjoyed visiting the countries, and Soarin was the #1 favorite ride of the entire trip, with Test Track being a very close second!

One fun activity they have at Epcot is a bear decorating section.  You can color the bear, who is the mascot for Epcot.  Then you can get a stamp at each country you visit.  All of the people who work in that country are actually from it, so they also usually tell you something interesting about the country.  The girl in Japan wrote their names in Japanese characters, which they thought was pretty cool.

One of Abby's special souvenirs was picking a pearl in Japan.  We had heard that the uglier the oyster, the more beautiful the pearl.  

The theory holds true, because Abby got a beautiful silver pearl that measures 7 3/4 mm!  While they do sell the settings there, I had heard that they were very expensive.  (Um, yeah!)  Thankfully, a friend had tipped me off that very similar settings are sold on Etsy.  We bought this one ahead of time and she absolutely adores it!

A view of some of the countries across the lake.

Our favorite country was Germany, which isn't surprising!  

One of our bedtime songs is often "Edelweiss," and the kids know the story behind the flower.  So they were thrilled to see real Edelweiss in Germany!  

This is also where we were able to get a handblown ornament engraved for our amazing wish granter, Karen!  The man blew and engraved them while you watched.

Caleb wearing a fez in Morocco 

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