Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Sea at Epcot

One fun place in Epcot is The Sea.  They have lots of rescued animals, and this is also where you will find the Finding Nemo ride.  Caleb got a "Mine! Mine! Mine!" shirt here, if you know that quote from Finding Nemo!

This dolphin did some pretty cool tricks.  He could match pictures his trainer held up with pictures across the tank.  The audience was able to cheer whenever he got one right--which was all of them!

After much searching and deliberation while planning for our trip, Caleb decided that he really didn't want a character meal.  He finally chose The Coral Reef, which is a seafood restaurant known for its huge fish tanks, divers, and the occasional underwater visit from Mickey!

Sadly, we were as far away from the fish tanks as we could possibly be in the restaurant and there really isn't a place where you can walk up and look at them.  The divers stop being in the tank at 6:00 and our reservation was at 7:30.  My highly recommended by our waitress salmon was disgusting and everyone else's dinner was just it was rather disappointing overall.

Thank goodness for a zoom lens!  We'll pretend we were actually this close...

So while I would definitely visit The Sea at Epcot again, we will not be going to the Coral Reef.  

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