Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break Recap

So, we had an interesting Spring Break.  Interesting may not be a positive term, in this case!

It started out great, with a trip to Gettysburg with Matt to celebrate our anniversary a little early.  I'll post separately on that, so that I can share about our adventures.

We got back Tuesday night and we spent the next day unpacking, doing laundry, dealing with lots of frustrating behaviors, and quickly emptying out the kitchen so that we could get a new vinyl floor put in on Thursday.

While the installation seemed to go fine (once the A team got there and took charge!) and we love the look of the floor, we noticed that night that all of the chairs were putting indents into the floor--even the ones that no one had sat in!  I realized we truly had a problem when I was sitting on the floor looking at the dents and realized that my ankle had also dented the floor. 

So, we called the first thing the next morning, but they were closed for Good Friday.  I left a message and they called back on Saturday, apologizing profusely and promising to have it checked out as soon as possible.  We spent most of Friday moving everything from the playroom and living room into the garage to prep for the new carpet going in on Monday.  Throw lots more behaviors in there for good measure!

Fast forward to Monday and our new carpet.  The workers checked out the floor and confirmed that this is a manufacturer's defect.  They called the company and started the process for getting the manufacturer to fix it. (We have no date on this, at this point).  While the men worked upstairs, the kids and I spent most of the day in the basement cleaning up.  Thankfully, the carpet looks great and we have had no issues with that!  We spent that evening moving everything back into those two rooms. 

The first day back after Spring Break, I dealt with more family drama, my car died in the middle of the traffic circle, I had to be pushed out of the road because I was blocking traffic, and we found a bubble in our new kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator.  Let's call that a great day...or something.

Restful?  Nope.  Did our break go as planned?  But we are plowing through and thankful for a nice few days away and a wonderful Easter celebrating with my family.  So, things will get better from here.  They always do.  Today was already better than yesterday, so that's a start.  Although, yesterday set the bar pretty low!  :)

The next post will be happier, with some pics from our trip.  Promise!

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