Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Good Things

I'm not gonna lie.  Life has been challenging recently.  The herniated and torn discs in my back are severely limiting what I can do, and it is frustrating.  I don't live life on the couch.  It's just not me.  And not sleeping is kind of an issue too. 

There's other tough stuff going on right now too, which is taxing on our family.  We would certainly appreciate your prayers.


So let's name a few.  Some are minor, some are HUGE!  In no particular order:

1.  A sweet friend and coworker of mine is finishing her LAST radiation treatment on Monday!  What a celebration that is!  I am so thrilled for her.  It's been a tough 9 months, and I know she is ready to move on!

2.  I entered us in a drawing through our electric company for a fancy new thermostat.  We were chosen and got this $250 wireless thermostat that is app-controlled for free!  It learns your habits and is supposed to lower your electric bill.

3.  Caleb's hunger for reading has just grown so much!  He currently is enjoying Peter and the Star Catchers series and the Percy Jackson series.  If you can't find Caleb, his nose is probably in a book.  :)

4.  Our flight itinerary came today for our Make a Wish trip!!!!  We are so excited!  This really couldn't have come at a better time.  It is such a bright light in a stressful time!

5.  These two have missed each other so much!  They enjoyed playing together at Sara's soccer game today.

6.  Caleb's artwork made the display case for the first time ever, and he was SO proud!  He told me abstract art is his thing.  :)

7.  Mom gave Abby two scarecrows, who have now become her children.  So far she has taught them how to look both ways before crossing the street, put them on the treadmill for exercise, sung songs with them, and put them through an obstacle course.  I am not sure how long they are going to last, but she loves them!

8.  Abby is absolutely loving school!  She excitedly fills us in on every detail each night.  Although she is tired in the evenings, the transition has been really good.  

9.  My dad's birthday is on Monday, and we celebrated tonight with a delicious dinner at my sister's house:  her spaghetti casserole was a real crowd pleaser!

10. Matt and I are going on a date tomorrow for the first time really don't remember.  I think it was for his birthday dinner in July.  That's kind of sad.  With everything that has been going on, we are so very thankful that my parents agreed to take the kids for the afternoon.  We need a little time.

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