Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Successful First Week!

Thanks to a bunch of wonderful people, Abby's first week of school went perfectly!  She absolutely loves it and asked today if she was going to school. She was disappointed to hear that we were only in the car to go to Caleb's fencing practice. :)

Our awesome new PT was there almost every second of the first three days (T, I feel like I am almost cheating on you by calling MB awesome!  But you know how much we adore you!) and examined everything closely to see how she could help Abby to be more independent.  One of the custodians heard that Abby couldn't do a particular style of paper towel dispenser, so she switched it out for one she could do! I was so surprised and grateful!  There's a stool there so that she can reach things, and we have trained the bus drivers and assistants (she will ride a different bus coming and going) in all of the safety precautions.  

 Abby's teachers, the wonderful Mrs. C and Mrs. Y, have put a lot of procedures in place to help keep Abby safe.  They even incorporated the word fragile into a vocabulary lesson so that it could be discussed each day last week and then used to describe Abby on her first day so that the class would understand the need to be gentle.  The VP and dean have popped in to make sure everything is running smoothly, and it is!  

 The audiologist has checked in each day to make sure Abby is accessing the information in the classroom.  Her FM system has been ordered and should be here this week.  That is a special microphone the teacher wears that transmits her voice directly into Abby's hearing aid so that she won't miss anything.  The nurse has been right on top of the crazy Code Orange days we have been having, so Abby hasn't made it out to the playground yet....hopefully next week!   

I sent in a little thank you with a pack of Extra Gum thanking the people above for all of the EXTRA work they put into helping Abby have an awesome first week of school.  It's little, but I definitely wanted them to know that I realize this is not the norm and we appreciate it!!

I met with the EMTs at the local fire department to fill them in on her school status (she is already registered as medically fragile, but only at our house--and I needed to give them updates anyway).  If there are any airway emergencies, a helicopter will automatically be dispatched from JHH at the same time as the ambulance.  I like that...a lot.  All of this will pop up on her file if someone calls 911 on her.  They also have multiple copies of her medical history.  

So yeah....a lot of prepping and work for a lot of people, all to keep my sweet girl safe!  But the grin on her face at the end of the day makes it all worth it.  She absolutely loves every minute of the day!  The girl loves life--what can I say?!

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