Friday, September 11, 2015

Pre-K, here she comes!

Abby got into prek at SLES, so now the fun begins!  Before she can start, I have to make sure she is completely safe and everyone knows what she can and can't do.  The nurse and I had a great meeting yesterday to create her medical plan, which she will share with the teachers. Nurse K has been really great and seems like she will be very protective of Abby.  She even decided to make her a lanyard with a little "please don't pick me up" sign for her to wear until everyone gets to know her.  

I have a meeting later today with her teacher, and then an IEP revision meeting on Monday.  Somehow, our awesome team pulled off a meeting that fast, and I'm so grateful!  We need to change her IEP to be school-specific, rather than just as if she only receives speech services.  We also need to put in that she needs a 5 point harness in the bus, because she can't ride until it does.  

Abby's start date won't actually be until Thursday, because the nurse will be out and she doesn't want a sub here for Abby's first days.  I totally agree and appreciated her thinking of that!  Abby, of course, is sad that she has to wait SO long! :). 

My high-maintanence girl requires a lot of work on everyone's end to get her ready for school, but she's worth it!

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