Monday, December 8, 2014


I feel like we come home from a long hospitalization chomping at the bit to get back into much so, that I feel like I'm going crazy!  You have NO idea how much stuff accumulates after a month away.  It takes forever to put away!  We're still not really done, but at least we can move around the house again!

Here's a quick recap of the last few days since we have been home:

Wednesday:  We got home around 2:00, furiously unpacked as much as we could, and surprised Caleb at the bus stop at 4:00.  He had absolutely NO idea Abby was coming home (which is why we didn't post anything!), and it was so sweet to see him run to Abby and give her a huge, long hug!  Videos don't post well on here, but you definitely need to check it out on Facebook.  It's pretty sweet!

After our happy reunion, Matt headed to church for youth group and we went to a birthday dinner for my mom.  My dad came home from the hospital the same day, so it was a great birthday present for my momma!

Thursday:  We jumped in with both feet back into regular life.  Abby went to school (after I spoke with the teacher on the phone to make sure she was comfortable, of course!) and I went to work.  Abby enjoyed lots of kisses from Chloe!  It was pretty much business as usual, except for hooking up that darn tube at night!  We aren't getting quite as much sleep at night, that's for sure.

Friday:  After Abby went to school, she went to my mom and dad's for a little while so that I could come home from work and work on getting things put away.  Abby got very used to me being at her every beck and call while she was in the hospital, so I have to retrain her to entertain herself now and then!  :)

That evening, we went to a birthday party for a very special adult who has touched the lives of so many.  It was a beautiful celebration, and everybody enjoyed themselves!

Saturday:  The kids and I worked around the house while Matt was at a quiz rally.  Then, we took the kids to my parents' house for the evening and enjoyed a night out!  We went to see Newsies at the Hippodrome for my birthday, and it was awesome!  This was a favorite movie of both of us from our childhood, and we'd been looking forward to it since May.  I especially enjoyed the dancing.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sing along nearly as much as I had hoped because they changed the words to every song!  (The people around me probably appreciated that though!)

Sunday:  After church, Matt and I had another date!  (Hey, we needed some make up dates after a month away from each other!)  Actually, the reason for this date was a Living Social deal for The Melting Pot that was about to run out.  Amy agreed to watch the kids, and we're watching hers on Friday so that they can use their deal before it runs out!  Lol!  We aren't the best at spreading our dates out, but we got a good dinner out of it!

Today:  Back to work for me!  Matt stayed with Abby on his day off and set up the Christmas tree, along with some other things on a honey-do list I left for him.  :)  Then tonight, we went to Owen's first band concert.  He did a great job and we were done in 1/2 an hour.  Woo hoo!

Like I said...crazy days!  Being that it is December, I don't think that things will be slowing down anytime soon.  But we're all together and HOME.  Abby is doing a great job of drinking all of her milk during the day and only needing a tube at night.  We're adjusting to our ever-changing new normal, and we're happy!

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