Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas recap

While illness tried its best to mess with our holiday plans, we all ended up being healthy enough to celebrate with family!

The highlight of MY day was watching Caleb's reaction to getting a Kindle.  He really didn't think he was getting one, and he actually cried when he saw it.  He was so grateful and excited!  It was very sweet.

Abby got an American girl doll named Marie Grace, along with a doll bed and a doll table/chairs.  She was thrilled and her two dolls are snug in their new bed as we speak!

Other highlights for Caleb:
* several awesome Lego sets he is looking forward to putting together
* all of the Star Wars movies on dvd
* an under armour MD shirt
* lots of new books to read!

Other highlights for Abby:
* lots of doll clothes for her new doll
* a spinny swing that we hung from the treehouse
* a Frozen microphone
* Chapstick with her name on it! (It's always fancier with your name on it!)

I was so surprised and excited to get a lovely Pandora bracelet with 3 beads, as well as a canvas of our most recent family photo.  He did a great job!

Matt has been enjoying the 64 gig iPod I gave him as a birthday/Christmas present, and he also got an ultra slim wallet and an Under Armour MD shirt to match Caleb.

We are thankful for family time and had a fun game night tonight.  Everyone picked a game:  Caleb-Pictionary, Abby-kerplunk, Matt-Uno Attack, me--Sorry Sliders.  

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did!

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