Monday, December 8, 2014


Here are some glimpses into our last few days at the Mount.  

I did a little photo shoot by the tree!

Abby is cracking me up with her joyful shrieks of "Girl Time!" whenever we do something together.  Darlin', we have had a whole month of girl time!!

Abby's boundless energy earned her a pass to go outside and enjoy the unseasonably nice day.  We kicked a ball around, blew bubbles, and drew with chalk.

Abby spent time with both therapy dogs!!  This pretty much makes it the best day ever, in Abby's book.

Abby so enjoyed playing with Abdallah!  He is a 6 year old from Dubai who is awaiting a kidney transplant.  It was beautiful to watch these kids overcome ethnic, religious, and language barriers and just enjoy being kids!

When Abby heard that Abdallah had never seen Frozen, she was appalled and was determined to remedy that situation ASAP!  Although I'm not sure how much he understood, he seemed to enjoy it!

I was able to have great conversations with Abdullah's cousin, a 21 year old engineering major in Dubai.  It saddened me to hear her talk about the accusatory looks her family has gotten since they have been in the US.  Being Muslim makes them terrorists about as much as being a Christian makes me an abortion clinic bomber.  They are a family willing to do anything to save their son.  That is all. 

Choose joy, folks...but also choose love.  Open your mind and get to know others who may be different from you.  You can learn so much when you consider things from the perspective of another.

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