Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review of Messy, Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht


Messy Beautiful Love is a marriage book with a biblical perspective.  Darlene Schacht encourages spouses to lift each other up and commit to fixing the problems through discussion and compromise. While that may sound similar to a lot of other marriage books, the difference is that Schacht is constantly pointing the reader back to the Bible and encouraging them to pray for their spouses.

Whatever expectations I had of this book flew right out the window when the first chapter opens with Schacht confessing that she had an affair.  I really didn't expect that and it certainly gave her writing more credibility as she shared what she learned about love from the sin.

I didn't agree with all of what Schacht shared, especially regarding allowing your husband to make all of the decisions for your family--even if you know it's the wrong decision.  Then you are to support him after there becomes a problem.  My feeling is that if I know that a decision would be detrimental to our family, I'm going to speak up!  My husband values my opinions and recognizes that we have different strengths.

The main themes of this book were certainly ones I could get behind.  God should be in the center of your marriage and it needs to be founded on mutual love and respect.  Schacht definitely got that right!

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