Sunday, September 14, 2014

Preschool Princess

Abby has been in preschool for two weeks now and is loving every second!  She's so well-adjusted and really enjoys going to school.  In fact, she begged me so much for homework that I've started giving her some to do with Caleb is doing his each day!  She truly loves to learn and soaks it all in.  I love how teachable she is!

Her preschool teachers are awesome and have been so great at dealing with all of the "high-maintenance" issues with Abby.  They know how to hook up the oxygen, they have emergency procedures, and they will Facetime me if they ever have a question about her respiratory status and want me to check on it.  It is SUCH a relief to know that she is in good hands!

Here are a few pictures from her first day of school.  She was so excited to wear her Olaf dress!  

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