Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We're On!

I called CHOP today to make sure we were still on for Thursday (I'm not so worried about our Friday appointment--I think everything should be clear by then.), and we are!  I made sure it was noted to call our cell phone if anything changed, but our plan is to make it to all 4 appointments.  We have located all of the hotels within walking distance to the hospital so that we can just walk there if needed.  The snow pants and boots are packed, and we have plenty of hand warmers and a few blankets stashed in the car.

I think we are ready!

I have started praying that God will make it blatantly obvious if we need to do this surgery.  I need to know very clearly that VEPTR is the way to go...rib pieces overlapping on a CT scan, significantly decreased pulmonary functioning, etc.  Otherwise, it will tear me apart to agree to something that is such a life change when Abby is currently doing so well.

Will you pray with me?  (and maybe for a little peace for Momma...this is all quite stressful all around!)


Anonymous said...

We are praying! Clarity Jesus please!!!

Raelyn said...

Prayers!! ;)