Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Looks!

I am starting a new venture on my blog!  My sweet neighbor (who is also a blog reader!) saw that I was enjoying reading again and she recommended Book Looks.   Basically, I choose books each month to read and write reviews about them on my blog.  In exchange for my honest review, I get to keep the books!  There are some that can be downloaded as e-books and some that can be mailed to you as hard copies.  The company has TONS of books from which to choose, and it is constantly adding new ones.  This is a Christian publishing company, so it has everything from Bibles, to devotionals, to fiction, to biographies, to commentaries.   I will probably be reading a lot of different types of books over the next months!

My first book is I Will Praise You in the Storm.  I just downloaded it, so stay tuned for my review!


Raelyn said...

Go girl, go!! Just imagine all of the books you will have read by the end of 2014!! ;)

Karen said...

Yay! You got in! And you are sweet for calling me sweet! Thanks!