Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

 I'm so thankful for this hysterical little girl!
Miss Anna is the spunkiest, craziest three year old I know...and she's Abby's best friend!  While she might be described as mischievous, she's always good for a laugh and is a constant sort of entertainment.  It's never a dull moment when Anna is around...and if it's quiet, you should be worried. (To be fair, Abby gets into her own share of trouble!)

Anna and Abby are inseparable, and Anna often declares that they are "Best Friends Forever!"  The shrieks and hearty embraces they give each other whenever they are together probably makes people think they haven't seen each other in a very long time...instead of just a day before!

Thank you, Anna Banana, for bringing so much laughter, and friendship, and sometimes mess, into our home.  Abby loves her BFF!

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Raelyn said...

Aren't nieces awesome?! I currently have two!! They are my whole world!! Love those girls!! They are one of the best things that occurred to me in my now-over twenties!!! ;-D