Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas in North Carolina

The day after Christmas, we left early in the morning to make the drive down to North Carolina to spend a few days with Matt's family.  The kids were great on the trip, which gave us hope for our even longer drive to Florida this summer!

The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins!  While a house full of seven kids under the age of nine can get a bit loud (especially when five of the seven are boys!) everybody behaved generally well and Grammy and Pop's house remained unscathed...I think!

Abby followed E around like a puppy.  It was really cute!  I think E wished Abby was a little older so that she could play with her more, but they had a good time.  Emma even read Abby a few books, which Abby loved.

Grammy gave E and Abby matching outfits for Christmas!  Abby loved being twins with her cousin!

Caleb read E's new Ninjago book to him during a rare quiet moment.

Cousin love (minus G, who was asleep in his stroller!)

Abby loves her Aunt Susanne!  She got some great snuggle time in, and Aunt Susanne even gave her cute little French braids in her hair!

We went to the Bank of America building to watch a performance of an orchestra of mechanical bears play and sing Christmas songs.  Abby was freaked out (the bears were as tall or taller than her), it went a little long (45 minutes!), and they sang Santa Baby because it was the male lead's favorite song...a little weird!  After this, we all went to a super cool fitness playground that we all enjoyed!

I really enjoyed spending time with this funny guy, E.  We played cars and monster cars together a lot, and he was not above grabbing my hand and pulling me back to our play if I stopped to talk to somebody or play with someone else!  Some of his phrases and mannerisms are hysterical, and I can tell he's going to be a real charmer with the ladies when he gets older!  (He may also be a budding photographer!)

Lots of family time!