Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're Home!

We got back from NC last night, and it is nice to be back into a routine again. I spent most of today doing laundry, putting toys and presents away, and hanging out with Caleb.

Matt is out with the youth group tonight, so Caleb and I decided to make our own New Year's party! We popped some popcorn and watched the original Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns. I'll tell you, there is nothing better than having a two year old snuggle up next to you giggling as he sneaks popcorn when he thinks you aren't looking! He's a funny guy, that Caleb Boy!

Okay, back to NC happenings!

We got to Charlotte late Friday evening, so there wasn't really anything too interesting about that! The trip was rather uneventful, with the exception of Caleb reading ONE book for an hour and 15 minutes!!

Saturday, we got together with Erin, Scott, and Emma, Susanne, Isaac, and Ezra and opened presents. Caleb had already gotten a great play kitchen from Grammy and Pop that he opened Christmas morning.

The other highlight of the day was the upright piano that Grammy and Pop got him! It lit up and even came with a stool! Unfortunately, after just 20 minutes of playing it, the computer in the piano shorted out and made the batteries explode! :( Caleb was beside himself with grief for his beloved piano, but he seemed to understand that it was broken and that Pop was going to fix it. Unfortunately, it was unfixable and we had to return it. Caleb was okay with the piano being taken back, but he just did not understand why the stool had to go with it! When we returned it to KB Toys, we found out that they are going out of business and don't have anymore of that piano (or any other piano, for that matter!) So...we are on a quest for another upright piano with a stool, and we had to listen to Caleb say "My piano is broken. Can I get another one?" most of the way home! :(

Caleb also got a very cool art bag from Aunt Susanne, complete with soy crayons in star shapes! He is definitely enjoying the art materials. She also knitted us all wool caps...very cute!

Sunday, we went to church with Grammy and Pop and then it was home for lunch and naps all around! Matt and I took a trip down to Concord Mills to check out the deals there. I got some great presents at the Christian Book Wearhouse (Veggie Tales were on sale!) and we were able to use Caleb's Build-a-Bear gift card to make him a very cute monkey he affectionately named George the Third (all of his monkeys are named George). He picked out the outfit too--a football uniform complete with a little football! We went over to Erin and Scott's house for dinner and the kids played together. It was a pretty laid-back day all in all.

Monday, the men all played golf while the ladies had the kids. We took them to the main Bank of America building in downtown Charlotte where they have this huge orchestra/vocal ensemble of lifesized bears!! They apparently set this up every year and the kids loved it! Caleb enjoyed the music, but he wasn't sure that he wanted to be up close and personal with the bears. He hung close to me most of the time, but is still talking about the singing bears! After lunch at the BOA building, we headed back to Erin's house to put the kids down for a nap. Barbara stayed with the kids while Erin, Susanne, and I went to Concord Mills and did a little more shopping. We had Chinese at Erin and Scott's again and said our goodbyes to them, since we were leaving the next morning.

Caleb had some play time with Grammy before we left, and then we were on our way home. Caleb took a pretty good nap during the first leg of the trip, but wasn't quite as cooperative the second half of the trip. If we were tired of being in the car, wouldn't he be too?!

Pictures will be coming in the next few days, as soon as I get them put onto a CD at Walmart! :)

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