Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every year, we go to my grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. Her house is small, especially for 20+ adults and a bunch of kids, but we all manage to fit. We don't exchange gifts anymore with the adults, but the kids get gifts...and everyone gives Mommom something!

We'll be leaving around 4:00, which is when I will be spreading a little Christmas cheer. As I've said before, we "adopt" a family every year. This could be a family that is a little down on their luck, or one who just needs to be shown a little love during the holidays. This year, we have two families. One has three boys and just moved into a new house, and the other is a mother/daughter whose husband/dad is in Iraq for the holidays. Both are friends of ours, so it was really fun to go shopping for them! We drop the items off on the front porch in secret so that they hopefully not know who it is. (Don't worry, neither of them have my blog address!) Matt and I feel strongly that it is important that Caleb learn empathy and caring toward others at an early age. He even helped pick out some of the toys this year!

We'll head to church after the deliveries, and Caleb and I will be going to the family service. I'm not sure he could handle an 8:00 candlelight service with no childcare!! Matt is preaching at the family service and O and S are singing. It is always an interesting service, to say the least! You never know what will happen with a bunch of kids in the program!

Matt obviously needs to be at the candlelight service, but we will have a few hours in between to head to 7-11 for our Christmas Slurpie! This tradition started when I was (very) pregnant with Caleb and craving Slurpies! Although Matt thought I was a little crazy to want a Slurpie in 30 degree weather, a tradition was born! This year, Caleb will get his own!! :) It's especially entertaining to watch the face of the clerk when we walk up with our Slurpies in hand. We're changing the tradition a bit this year to accommodate Matt's schedule, and we'll now be visiting our friend's 7-11 from now on because it is the closest to the church. I told him about our tradition, (to which he chuckled heartily) but I doubt if he will be there....the owner tries to take off on Christmas Eve!

After the Slurpie, Caleb and I will head on home. After Caleb goes to bed, Mrs. Claus will get all of the presents out and set up! (Mr. Claus will get home too late to do it with her!)

I'm curious--does Santa wrap his presents to your kids? As a kid, Santa never wrapped his presents because "he was too busy." Made total sense to me! As a mom, I totally see why my parents did that....who wants to try to keep track of Santa vs Mommy and Daddy wrapping paper!?! Not me! Santa doesn't wrap presents at our house either...but he does wrap stocking gifts because those don't take so long. Coincidentally, Santa always gives the biggest and oddest shaped presents that because they are the hardest to wrap??? :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I'll write another blog after we get back from NC to tell tales of our trip and Christmas in general. Merry Christmas!

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Katie said...

Where in NC are you going? If it's anywhere near Raleigh, call me!!!!
919-802-0098. I think your traditions are wonderful and a slurpie sounds good any time of year!