Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hospital Life

Abby continued to need bipap off and on today, in addition to her regular scheduled times.  It seems to be about 3 hours after treatments that she starts needing bipap.  But she was in a pretty good mood and loved her visitors!  Matt and Caleb came this afternoon, and then my mom and dad brought Anna and Lucy this evening.  Abby was excited and surprised!

Now, she's enjoying Descendants 2 on Disney Channel and getting her treatments.  :)

As is typical for the hospital, things don't get done as quickly on the weekends.  Pulm ordered an echocardiogram to check for pulmonary hypertension (always a concern), but only emergency echos are done on the weekend.  They want to talk to CHOP about her thoracic insufficiency, but that can't be done until Monday.

  Pulm did increase her pressure support to the highest setting in hopes that putting more air in her lungs will help.  We will hopefully see a difference tonight. If not, there will be many more serious discussions.  

We would appreciate your prayers that the increased pressure support makes her respiratory rate go down!

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