Saturday, September 30, 2017

Back at Hopkins

Abby came back to Hopkins last night after talking to pulmonology.  Her respiratory rates have been very high again when doing literally nothing.  She was admitted to the floor.  

It was a Rough night. The respiratory rate was 68-70 sustained on bipap, when she is typically in the 20s while sleeping on it.   Heart rate was in 150s.  She was very asleep, but so fast.  When we repositioned her, she woke up and slowed down a little, but then went right back to where she was when she was sleep.  Pulm came in and saw it too.  They called the attending and increased her breathe rate on the vent to 14, but it didn't help. We thought they might send her to the picu.  

10 min off bipap this morning and she is 70 laying in bed, so she is back on and getting a treatment.  Hopefully it will be better after that.  They won't let her eat or drink on bipap so I hope her numbers come down so she can eat breakfast.  

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