Thursday, August 10, 2017

Today's Appointment

Here's me being wide awake at midnight because I drank too much caffeine today! 😳. I will pay for this tomorrow.

Abby's appointment went really well today!  Our surgeon was pleased with the progress of the wound using the wet-to-dry dressings, despite the failed skin graft.  Her wound has shrunk nearly a centimeter since surgery.  He really thinks that this method will be best for Abby, even though it is the longest and slowest of the options.  The curvature of Abby's spine fights everything else he has tried, so this is now our best chance.  It is going to take a while, but it will eventually close.  

I can't say enough about our surgeon.  He has been SO diligent and truly cares about Abby. He knows this has been a long road and he is not willing to put Abby through more surgeries without positive outcomes.  His goal is to keep her out of the hospital for a while, and we are hoping that too!  He really is a great guy!

So, my theory was proven correct yet again: when we pack to be admitted, we get to go home.  It's when we least expect to stay that it happens!  

My dad drove us today and we are so grateful!  I had to do 2 sets of Abby's treatments and a dose of meds in the car, so it is so very helpful if someone else drives!  Plus, I got to spend some quality time with my dad! 😍. Love that guy!

Tonight, we celebrated a good appointment and took advantage of the low heat and humidity with a walk on the boardwalk.  It has been cool enough in the evenings for Abby to be safely outside, so we all felt like we were breaking out of jail for a few hours!  We hid and found some Kindness Rocks and got some ice cream.  It was a wonderfully normal night!

This guy thinks that boat is his!  He inspired me to paint this rock tonight.

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Anonymous said...

You and your tailgates inspiration. Abby is an inspiring little angel. Prayers ongoing for all. And you can paint,too! Beautiful!