Sunday, August 6, 2017


Well, I've been reluctant to say this, but it's official now...Abby's skin graft failed.  We pretty much knew it had just a day or two after getting home, but it fell off completely last night, leaving us with no hope.  She has an appointment on Wednesday at CHOP, so I guess we will see what the next steps are then.

We were so hopeful that this would work, so it's a big let down.  We really aren't sure what we will do from here.  We are continuing with bandage changes 3x a day until we see him on Wednesday, but I'm guessing we will eventually try another graft.

Abby is also needing bipap much more these days.  Most days, we have to put her on twice a day.  She is still happy and playing, but she is starting to recognize much more than she is having trouble breathing.  Several times, she has asked me to check her breathing because she can't catch her breath.  I'm glad she's becoming more aware of her body, but I wish she weren't needing the bipap so much.

Nevertheless, we have had some fun.  It's been so nice outside that we have been able to spend some time on the deck in the evenings.  The other night, we played games outside while Chloe sunbathed in the grass.  :)

My mom gave Abby anew set of American Girl pajamas with a matching set for her doll.  They are so cute!  It's hard to find button-down shirtsleeved pajamas!

We are hanging in there. It hasn't been easy.  Abby still has so much spunk in her that it's hard to believe how much she has been struggling. 


Laura Meech said...

Praying everyday that things get easier and better. Love, hugs and prayers,

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Abby is always in our prayers....we are all praying and now will pray even harder. Keeping the faith the #3 is going to work.

Anonymous said...

There is no family I can think of who is more deserving of God's Grace. I am sending extra prayers.

Linda Galloway said...

My prayers will continue for Abby we pray for you as well.

Susan Shaw said...

Love and prayers!