Thursday, December 31, 2015

Meeting Our Wish Granter!

Almost as soon as we had entered Lego Land, we were stopped by a small group of women who noticed our Make a Wish shirts and wanted to introduce themselves.  They worked at Make a Wish there in Florida, and were at Lego Land to learn more about how things at the park work for their families.  Abby told them what her wish was, and one of the women exclaimed, "Wait!  Is that Abigail?!"  It turns out, she was Abby's wish granter there in Florida!  She had been working really hard to get Abby's wish granted so that she could be Elsa!!!  

This was such a God moment!  What are the chances that we would meet the woman who was literally making Abby's dream come true?!?!  We were thrilled to be able to thank her in person.  It made our day!!

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