Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lego Land

On our second day in Florida, we ate a delicious breakfast at Give Kids the World's dining hall.  They had kid-sized silver dollar waffles with all of the toppings you could want, and super good cinnamon rolls...Caleb helped himself to both!  After that, we headed out to Lego Land.  

We had been here once before a year and a half ago, but the kids still loved it.  We got there right when the park opened and stayed until it closed!  If you've never been to Lego Land, they have statues everywhere built with Legos.  It's pretty incredible!

Abby liked the Lego Friends area.  It was new since the last time we were here.

Fighting Darth Maul...

...but smiling with Darth Vader!

Caleb put one of his Minifigures on the horn :)

This Christmas tree was HUGE and made entirely of Legos!

Abby loved this Einstein model!  He was even the pressed penny she chose from Lego Land!

Abby got brave and rode a few roller coasters that she loved, and Caleb rode the Lego Chima water ride.  He got soaked like we knew he would, so he put a poncho on and rode it by himself!  He dried quickly in the heat though.  

Both kids especially loved Driving School, where they got to "drive" their own Lego car.  We rode it twice.  After riding along with both kids, I have to say that I think Abby might be the better driver of the two!  Caleb's sadistic laugh every time he jerked the car around made me a bit concerned for our future.  Thankfully, he has another 8 years before we will let him loose on the real road! 

They also really enjoyed Merlin's Ride, which whipped them around the corners,

Abby loved riding the horses that clip-clopped around the track,

and both are always ready for a carousel ride.  They do love their carousels!

One of the cool exhibits is Mini Land, which has HUGE displays of cities, historical monuments, etc., all built entirely out of Legos.  I'm pretty sure this is what Caleb wants to do when he grows up.  He would have stayed in here all day if we had let him!

This is the White House, with Santa's sleigh on the roof.

Uh oh!  Santa landed in a no-fly zone!  The secret servicemen have got 'em now!  (I love that the reindeer have their paws up!)

Oops!  This little guy isn't made of Legos!  He was quite comfy in the display though!

It was a fun day!  Merry Christmas from Lego Land!

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