Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Tough Kiddo

Sorry I've been quite here recently...same old busy! Abby has really improved since we have been home.  Last week she started running and this week she has started jumping and hopping a little!  Her back still hurts now and then, but stretching seems to really help.  

So does yoga!!  We have discovered that Abby really loves yoga!  I found some kids' yoga shows on On Demand that we enjoy doing together.  Some things need to be modified, but it really seems to help her back feel better.  I'll often see her in the floor stretching out when she's hurting.

We have been doing pt at an outpatient center an hour from home  in addition to being with our awesome ITP therapist.  The extra boost has really helped her improve her skills!  I've set up a speech eval there to get some extra speech services as well.  I really like the center, although I wish it were a little closer.  

Abby went back to school last Tuesday and has overall done very well.  It's hard to believe tomorrow is her last day of preschool!  Next year, she will be riding the bus home with Caleb for pre-k!!  Waaaaah!!!!

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