Sunday, May 31, 2015

5 mm

5 mm...tiny, right?  Welp, it's not so tiny when it's traveling through your body.  

5 mm is how big the kidney stone is that I have right now.  I've had many in my adult life, but none this big.  It sent me to the ER last night because Dr. Google had convinced me I had a terrible disease!

The ER doctor thought it was appendicitis.  With that prediction, I sent Matt home to pack me a bag.  After drinking 32 oz of contrast and getting injected with it as well, the ct scan showed my little 5 mm friend taking his sweet time rolling around inside.  He gave me lots of meds (including an antibiotic, since the size of the stone could cause an infection) and we came home around 2 am.  I'm going to follow up with a urologist because it's uncertain as to whether I will pass this one on my own.  Yay!

And yes, stones can be worse than childbirth!  I've had 2 babies without drugs, so I can say that at least you get a break between contractions during labor!  The pain is just as intense, but the end result isn't nearly as cute and cuddly!

I'm sending a big thank you to my sister for keeping the kids overnight and for teaching my Sunday School class for me.  Thanks also to my parents for getting Chloe and for watching the kids in the afternoon.  Where would I be without my family?!

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