Sunday, March 8, 2015


Dad has had several visitors, which he really enjoyed.  My mom, my sister, and I get boring after a while...or else maybe he just gets tired of us telling him what to do! ;)

 Our newly announced Pastor Dario and his wife visited yesterday to talk and pray with our family.  They are always such a support!  Uncle Tom and Aunt Rosemary came shortly after to give their hugs and love.  Our friend Rebecca came to help with Lucy, bring snacks, and make us laugh on an otherwise hard day.

Then today, Dad's brother Ronnie and my cousin Keith came to visit, and my cousin Ben stopped by later in the afternoon.  

Although the grandkids weren't able to visit, we Facetimed with everybody this evening.  It was the most chipper I've seen Dad since before the surgery.  It was sweet. 

So many other people have called, texted, and sent messages for my dad.  He truly appreciates every prayer and get well wish!  Thank you all!

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Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Praying sweet sister. We serve an Awesome God who is in the healing business.

Love to you and your beloved family!
Your sister, Neicy