Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dad surgery update 2:15

The doctor just came out to say he was finished. Dad is waking up and then he will go to recovery.  We won't see him until he is sent to a room.  

The surgery went well.  He put the stomach back where it was supposed to be, fixed up the diaphragm, and added a wrap to the top of the stomach/bottom of the esophagus (called a fundoplication) to reduce the amount of reflux.  Then he moved the two ribs back to where they are supposed to be...there was a sizable gap of about a handwidth in between two of his ribs!  That's all now fixed up and the doctor thinks he should make a full recovery.  

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Dad will have an epidural tonight and tomorrow to keep him comfortable.  Then he will have to start getting up and walking!  His girls are going to keep him in line! :). He will have to be on a soft diet for a while until the fundoplication site heals. 

We look forward to seeing him!  Thank you all for your prayers during this long day!!

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