Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Such a huge difference!

Abby is doing so well with this recovery!!  It has just been so different from the last surgery.  

Yesterday, she went to the playroom and gathered lots of toys!  I couldn't believe she had just been in surgery that morning!

This morning, Abby got to play music with a music therapist and hung out at the radiothon downstairs for a little while. 

Then she had a wonderful surprise (for her) visit from Anna, Lucy, and Aunt Amy!  They played in the playroom, watched a little Frozen, and had several intense games of hospital bingo where all 3 girls were able to win Barbies!  They were all thrilled with their prizes.

Abby drank her required milk today and ate decently.  She's kept everything down, so we should be able to go home tomorrow!!!  Yippee!


RicKim said...

Yay Jesus!!! So glad do hear! Love you all! RicKim

RicKim said...

And rick says we love you and miss you and he thinks it's Abby's cuteness that helps her be so awesome during these surgeries :)

Dawn Knott said...

She is so cute! I could just kiss her little face! :)