Saturday, February 21, 2015

Heading to RMH!

Tomorrow afternoon, Abby and I will be heading to our home away from home--RMH!  She has a pre-op appointment at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, followed by a long audiology appointment to get her hearing aid molds done and get some training on the hearing aids.  I'm happy that Abby will have a little time to enjoy RMH after appointments!

Matt will come up Monday evening after taking Caleb to my parents' house.  Then, Abby's surgery to remove the hardware in her jaw will be bright and early on Tuesday morning.  The surgeon is being very noncommital about this hospital stay, based on Abby's shenanigans the last time!  We are hoping that it will only be a few days on a regular floor with no PICU stay, but who knows with Abby!

During this surgery, the anesthesiologists will scope Abby to determine her airway status.  We are hopeful that she will go from a 4+ airway (no visibility and extremely difficult) to a 2 (partial visibility and mildly-moderately difficult).  This would make Abby's many future surgeries SO much easier!!

Please join us in praying that:

*  Abby's hardware removal is successful and that the bone has completely grown in on both sides of her jaw.

*  The airway can be rated a level 2!!!!!

*  Abby's recovery will be uncomplicated with no signs of pancreatitis or neurological issues from anesthesia medications.

*  Abby can be completely weaned off of the gtube in the hospital so that she can take all of her calories by mouth and the gtube can finally just be the safety net we'd planned on.

*  We will be home as planned by Friday!

As always, I will update the blog throughout the day on Tuesday and post pictures when I can!  Thanks for your prayers and support!

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