Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Our family had a rough weekend!

First, on Friday, Abby's gtube really started hurting. The site turned red and was raised and spreading.  We called our pediatrician on call (who just happened to be OUR wonderful pediatrician!) and he suggested an antibiotic cream that I had in our med box.  You start a collection of those sorts of things when your kid has multiple stomas!  He said to call him on Saturday if the stoma wasn't better or if it was oozing.  Welp...it was.  So I called, and our wonderful ped saw her on Saturday morning when the office was closed.  He is SO great!  Abby got on an antibiotic and is turning a corner now!

Saturday afternoon, Caleb jumped down out of his friend's truck and landed weird.  Saturday night, his knee started hurting really badly.  I took him to the ER Sunday morning for an xray.  Thankfully, it's not broken.  They didn't give him crutches and said that the best thing for a sprain is to walk on it.  Cue tough Momma!  Go get your snack yourself, buddy!  :)  He's doing much better now.

In the middle of the night Saturday-Sunday, Matt got up with an aching Caleb.  I stayed in bed until I heard a loud thump and thought maybe Caleb had fallen.  I went in there to find Matt face down on the floor.  I called his name several times and realized he was unconscious, making a humming noise.  I worriedly asked Caleb what happened and all he knew was that Daddy fell over all of the sudden.  I shook Matt a few times and he came to, but he definitely passed out. Thank the Lord that he fainted the direction he did, or he would have hit his head on a dresser and gotten a concussion!  He was white as a sheet and very shaky and dizzy, so I told him to stay seated while I got him some orange juice.  I went downstairs and suddenly felt dizzy myself while pouring the juice.  My ears started pounding and ringing in the same way that has happened before when I have fainted.  I laid down on the floor to avoid falling, but I crawled to the bathroom because I thought I was going to be sick.  I looked in the mirror and my lips were blue.  My forehead started tingling and feeling very, very cold.  I drank some orange juice myself and managed to crawl back up the stairs to give Matt his.  When I described my sudden symptoms, he said he had exactly the same symptoms.  The only difference was that I was having a lot of trouble breathing, but I think my cold and asthma were playing a part in that.

Meanwhile, poor Caleb was still in a ton of pain and neither of us could tend to him!  After 20 minutes or so, we finally felt better enough to help him, then dragged ourselves back to bed.  Telling this to my mom and sister the next morning, they started thinking it was mold, carbon monoxide, or something else environmental.  My brother in law brought over their carbon monoxide detector, but it was fine.

Sunday, I felt absolutely horrible and was very sick.  Matt had similar symptoms but was at least not vomiting--that put him on kid duty!  After talking to others who said they had similar issues, we are attributing all of this to a crazy, nasty virus that our kids have so far managed to avoid.  

I took Nyquil, put a little essential oil concoction in my diffuser, and went to bed before 8 on Sunday.  I slept for a solid 12 hours and felt like a new woman.  Matt took a nap on Monday afternoon and is feeling much better now too.  Hopefully, we are all on the mend, but it was scary!!!

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