Wednesday, January 21, 2015

All the New Things

Oh my.  I've been neglecting my blog recently.  Between illnesses (and therefore going to bed very early), attempting to work out on a regular basis, and working on a project for work after the kids go to bed, there hasn't been much time.  I don't blog while the kids are awake, and those precious few hours have been spent doing other things!

So what's new?!

 *  Caleb turned 8!  We had a fun laser tag party the day after his birthday.  He loved having some of his close friends and cousins with him.  I only questioned my sanity a few times!  :)  No, it really was fun.  Pictures are coming--promise!  Favorite gifts include some new Lego sets, lots and lots of books, several Amazon gift cards for his Kindle, and an awesome microscope and slide set.  He is a happy kid!

*  Abby's pancreas and liver issues appear to have subsided. Her blood work is back to normal and the new reflux medicine has finally allowed her to keep her food down and gain the weight back!  Hallelujah!!  As of tonight, we are finally able to start weaning her nighttime formula requirement!  Woo hoo!!!!  (This is what we were supposed to be able to do almost as soon as she had her surgery, because she was never supposed to come home on gtube feeds in the first place.  Best-laid plans...)

*  I am trying really hard to live a healthy lifestyle.  I'm excercising regularly, eating very healthy foods, and drinking Shakeology.  (Don't worry--I don't sell it!!)  I gotta's not a whole lot of fun.  But I'm trying to eat foods that help me to stay full and enjoy snacks of fruits.  I'm also trying to declutter by selling stuff on the online yard sale.  I am loving earning a little extra money while clearing out some of our extra "stuff."  Of course, I'm buying a few things off of the site too!  :)  My most recent purchase was a loft for Abby!  It has stairs instead of a ladder and lots of storage space.  She is SO excited! We are going to put it up this weekend.

*  Chloe has become quite a playful pup!  She chases her toys all over the house and loves to run around outside.  Ever since we got our back yard fenced in, she just loves being outside.  We played frisbee with her today and she had so much fun!  But she also really loves lying right in front of our gas fireplace.

*  There's like nothing new with Matt except that he's gelling his hair!  :)  Lol, I really can't think of anything!

Here's a picture from today.

Abby and Chloe had a tea party while I cleaned out her armoir (we are going to sell it with the matching crib, since the loft has plenty of storage space).  Chloe is such a good dog!!

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