Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plan M?!

I don't even know what plan this is at this point...M?

I called the jaw surgeon's office this morning, and he called me back within just a few hours!!  Wow!  I love that.  I shared with him that Abby will now have two surgeries three months apart with a jaw surgery in between.  He agreed that was a lot! 

I asked if we could possibly push the jaw surgery back to spring or summer, and he thought that would be fine.  He said if she has trouble recovering from this first surgery, then we will need to do the jaw surgery before the second one.  But if she's fine, we should be able to wait until after she gets through all of this.  We will keep the jaw surgery date that we have already scheduled, just in case we do still need to do it in November.

So...plan M.  How many more will we make?!

In other news, I made Pulmonology and ENT appointments for October and December, respectively.  It's so hard to think past August 6th!!  ENT was really tricky because I had to guess when she would be home from the second surgery! That one may need to be moved.

In other other news, our air conditioning is broken.  Here's hoping it is covered under our service contract, because the guy just came out the service the AC two weeks ago!  I don't mind being warm, but I do mind hearing my husband constantly complain!

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