Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CHOP Friday

After multiple phone calls to our orthopedic surgeon's office today to discuss the latest, Dr. C. wants to meet with us in person.  He said it is really hard to do all of this over the phone and wants to look at scans and reports with us. We're thankful for this because it really wasn't sitting well with us that we wouldn't talk to him about the specifics of the surgery until 2 days before it happened!!

So...of the dates we were given, the only one that was really feasible is this Friday.  A bit last minute, but I'd rather do it sooner than later.  It gives him more time to talk to the team and plan.  We will go up Thursday and hopefully be back home in time for our local Relay for Life!

Sadly, we will miss Caleb's last day of school for the second year in a row (last year we were at the feeding program).  It is what it is.

In other news, our garage door broke today and stopped a few inches from the top when I opened it.  I pushed the button and got in the car, backing out when it stopped going up (not knowing it had broken!).  It was just far enough down to take off the top spoiler part of the van that has a light on it.  It was still danging by the electric cords that run to the light, so we left it.  Matt took it to an auto body and is waiting to hear the estimate.  I called a garage door company to see about getting an estimate for the door.  They are coming tomorrow.  I will now have to look to make sure the garage door actually goes up the entire way before backing out...never had to do that before.  Ugh.  

When my sister heard the story, she asked if that pushed me over the edge.  Matt quipped that I went over the edge a long time ago.  He was joking.  I think.  

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