Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sleep Study

Pictures from the sleep study!

Abby was really great about getting everything set up so she could "sleep," and she didn't fuss at all over all of the stuff on her.

In fact, she even wanted to take pictures with my phone!

The last step in the long set-up process was putting in a nasal cannula to measure CO2 levels as she slept.  Abby absolutely HATED this!  After Abby tore it off several times, I had to hold Abby down while the tech taped it to her face.  She was so mad at me!

She eventually cried herself to sleep settled down and fell asleep.  She snored all night and coughed quite a bit.  I don't really know if the snoring is normal for her, because we all sleep with air purifiers that drown out that noise.  But we'll see what they say.  

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